Preparing for a Customs or BIS audit

        Do you know what to do in the event CBP (Customs) or BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) shows up at your door? Have you ever had a request for additional information via fax or phone with CBP or BIS? Has another division of your company been interviewed or audited? Do you have written procedures showing each employee what to do if audited? What strategies can you implement across your firm to help reduce or minimize the potential impact of an audit?

Program overview
        This program will help prepare your company for an import and export audit. This program is a must for the experienced or first time importer/exporter to make sure you know what to do in the event of an audit. More importantly what you can do today, before an audit occurs. It will cover the roles and responsibilities that each importer/exporter must be aware of in order to avoid fines, delays and possible loss of import/export privileges. You will have an import/export checklist to guide you on what to be prepared for during an audit. We will provide all materials/ handouts, checklists and on-line resources.

Topics covered
  • Review best practices and common errors of importers and exporters.
  • Roles & responsibilities of importers and exporters during an audit
  • Review the 9 most common importer errors found by Customs
  • Understand the 10 export general prohibitions for exporters
  • See the 10 Best practices of compliant companies
  • Understanding the 5 rules of proper valuation (including first sale rule)
  • Go through the three types of duty drawbacks & review manufacturing assists
  • Review mitigating and aggravating factors before/during an audit.
  • What strategies can be used to reduce the length of an audit and minimize penalties?
  • Import/Export checklists to guide you to full compliance before an audit.
  • Benefits of voluntary self disclosures.
  • Self auditing, what steps we can take today to protect and prepare ourselves and our company.

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