Export Management Compliance Program

        How do you stay current with all new export administration regulations? Do you have a formal written system, which guides your company, at every step, to full compliance? Did you know that in some cases, BIS has ordered companies who violated the EAR-Export Administration Regulations to implement an EMCP? What checks and balances do you have in place right now at your company to ensure your procedures are consistent with the EAR?

Program overview: An EMCP is an all encompassing customized, written system that guides your company to be in full compliance on every export. Generally an EMCP can be broken down into at least 3 elements, administrative, order processing, and screening. An EMCP will need to be customized to your product, customers, countries of destinations, and a list of other factors. A critical part of an EMCP is the creation of export controls within your company. They provide the checks and safeguards at key steps in the order processing system. These checks ensure that the right questions are being asked, at the right time, to comply with all US export controls.

Topics covered:
  • Management Commitment/level of involvement
  • Responsible personnel/record keeping
  • Training/internal reviews
  • Create an order processing chart showing the flow of orders in your company
  • Identify vulnerabilities and where internal controls can be implemented
  • Product determination/licensing screening
  • Risk diversion screening - Denied parties, entity, antiboycott, debarred, unverified, SDN.
  • Dual use sensitivity - Nuclear, Missile, Chemical & Biological end use/ end users.

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