Do you know the difference between a term of sale and a term of payment? You should, your international customer does. How can you use incoterms to your advantage? Do you know the difference between ex-works and deliver duty paid in terms of documents, risk transfer, insurance and cost of goods? Did you know the difference of one letter in an incoterm could save your company thousands? Once you take this program you will be able to use these terms to save your company money and reduce risk.

        Program overview: How can you use incoterms to minimize your company's exposure, reduce risk, save money and even increase sales? Learn how to determine responsibilities between buyer and seller, through transfer of risk, insurance, documentary requirements and cost of freight through proper use of incoterms. This course will provide all handouts, materials needed.

Topics covered:
  • A complete review of all 11 incoterms - what are they, when and how to use them.
  • Understanding how to incorporate proper usage of incoterms into proforma and commercial invoices.
  • Sales strategies on how incoterms should be used to increase sales and lower unnecessary liability/exposure and costs.
  • Strategies to limit liability and address title transfer when providing quotations or letters of credit.
  • Common errors when using incoterms, and how to turn those into your advantage.
  • Understanding responsibilities between buyer & seller in terms of risk, obligation and costs.

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