Introduction to NAFTA

        How many times have you shipped to Canada/Mexico and simply filled out a NAFTA certificate based on your customers' instructions? Did you have any supporting documentation showing how you researched the rules of origin and obtained any manufactures affidavits proving your goods qualify for NAFTA? Have you documented your research on your bill of materials as to how your goods qualify? Do you know if your goods have a duty associated with them or where to go to get this information?

Program overview: This program will help you be in full compliance with all NAFTA regulations. You will know where to go and what to look for to be able to determine if your product's qualify for the benefits of NAFTA. Most companies are exposing themselves unnecessarily to NAFTA penalties. In some cases your goods have low or zero duty already and therefore no need to exposure your company to potential NAFTA violations or to fill out a NAFTA certificate if your goods do not qualify.

Topics covered:
  • Specific Rules of Origin - Annex 401 - How to determine if your product qualifies
  • NAFTA Certificates of Origin's - Common errors, when you should/ shouldn't fill one out.
  • Understand preference criteria A-F. How to determine which one your goods qualify for.
  • Producer vs. exporter what are the rules.
  • Supporting documentation - How do you obtain one, and when should you use a manufacturer's affidavit.
  • Formulas for determining regional value content or a change in tariff classification.
  • De Minimis - What does this mean, why is it important to you.
  • Fungible goods and materials - What are they how does this affect you?
  • HS tariff classification- Is your code accurate, where do you get one?

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