I will conduct an on site review of your NAFTA documentation and procedures. I will provide an overview of NAFTA compliance documentation and procedures to all departments involved in the NAFTA process. Topics such as:

Topics Covered:
  • Discuss how to find the Proper HTS classification
  • What is the duty rate in Canada/Mexico for your products
  • Should you be filing out a NAFTA certificate, what are your alternatives
  • Understanding NAFTA definitions of originating and non-originating material
  • Determining if you are or are not the manufacturer – what are your requirements
  • Supporting documentation requirements – bill of materials, NAFTA CO’s
  • Understanding the rules of origin (AKA Annex 401)
  • Reviewing each box on the NAFTA certificate and what you are responsible to fill in
  • Blanket NAFTA’s how to use them – record keeping ideas
  • Preference criteria – letters A-F- how to prove your goods qualify
  • De Minimis rule, fungible goods rule- what are they, how might they effect you
  • Record keeping requirements- how long should you keep each document, depending on country of destination.

  •         I will then deliver a report of findings with suggestions for improvement, highlighting critical areas or violations that need immediate attention, other areas of non-compliance and best practices. This assessment will allow Hannay to see a current snapshot of whether your company should or should not be filling out a NAFTA certificate, specific suggestions on how to determine NAFTA eligibility and creating your own NAFTA team.

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